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Business areas

We strive to create articles that inspire confidence and last a lifetime. Hospitality, hospital and laboratory, veterinary and hygiene and cleaning, are the areas on which our manufacturing focuses at the moment.

Locker cabinets A
Cabinets H110
Cleaning cabinets
Cabinets HA120
Cars RH605
Dirty laundry trolley
Cars H210
Automatic window transfer
Transfer Equipments HL110
Hermetic UV ventilated passbox
Transfer Equipments HL110
Laboratory tall cabinets
Cabinets HL210
Surgical Sink
Washing Sinks HL310
System S438 Séries 3
Furniture Systems RH110
Working tables
Tables RH120
Tray Car
Cars RH310
Central hoods
Exhaust Hoods RH410

Manufacturing Solutions

Positioning in an ever-changing world

It is in the excellence of the quality of finishing that lies one of our most appreciated traits as a manufacturer, fact that comes from an experienced team, demanding and regularly formed in the most varied technical and methodological skills. All this ensuring dedication in after-sales service, supporting its installer customers.


MIG/TIG Welding
Manual welding is one of the most important skills in our team and for which we are positively recognized.
Computerized Bending
We have several bending machines with computerized console to ensure a better response rate in the production of serial equipment.
Robotic Welding
We have a welding robot for more demanding projects at the level of repetition of tasks and works of greater volume.
CNC Laser Cutting
The vast majority of our components begin to take shape through the rigor of laser cutting, anticipating delivery times and ensuring consistency in serial products.


CAD Drawing
Our engineers and technicians use the most varied computer technologies in the projection and simulation of results, guaranteeing absolute rigor and capacity of anticipation.
Custom Design
Our design office has a multifaceted and dynamic team in the sense of providing specific solutions, freeing the client of their problems on the job.
Industrial management
We have an integrated computerized system that connects production, logistics and sales quickly and efficiently, shortening delivery times and ensuring a continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.
Environmental Awareness
Part of our quality management program reflects our concern with the separation of waste and we are guided by an intelligent management of waste.
We have a solid network of partners specialized in areas such as the installation of cold and electronic, among others.

Project Solutions

From scratch to finish

Maran has a team of qualified specialists in the most diverse technical divisions that strive to design tailor-made solutions for our clients in an attentive and efficient way.

Multidisciplinary Approach
The exchange of ideas and the cross-over of knowledge, techniques and potential solutions is a recurring practice in our project team, proving to be a fundamental characteristic for the client, increasing the success rate.
Allied to the productive capacity we have means for innovation in the design, ergonomics and functionality.
Stainless steel is just the starting point. Our partnerships expand the possibilities of using personalization solutions at the level of aesthetics and functional level.

About Maran

Stainless Steel Solutions

Maran is a highly specialized manufacturer of stainless steel furniture and equipment for the catering and hospitality industry as well as for the hospital and laboratory sector; also providing a wide range of articles for industrial hygiene, logistics and storage. We position ourselves on the market as a faithful manufacturing partner capable of responding to the most varied challenges, presenting, with efficiency and effectiveness, customized solutions.

We are proud to have an experienced and self-demanding production team, in constant professional training, supported by a solid structure on planning and design.
Internationalization Target Countries
Today, our products reach 16 countries, located on 3 continents, as a result of a continuous effort of internationalization of the brand, recognition of technical rigor and responsiveness.
Since its founding in 1981, Maran has established itself as a company always on the lookout of the evolution of the industrial market, anticipating the needs of its customers by cultivating relationships of trust that derive mutual benefit and satisfaction.
ISO 9001
Maran is a company distinguished by ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management, in a continuous effort of self-improvement and efficiency promotion.