About Maran

Founded in 1981, Mário & Dominguez, Lda, known in the market as MARAN (own brand), is today a reference in the market of specialized and high-quality stainless steel transformation in equipment and furniture for the industrial food preparation, catering, hospital and hygiene areas.

We are adept at creativity and adaptability in our work. For this reason we believe that we can help our client to overcome their manufacturing obstacles. In this way, we make the creativity and knowledge of our innovation and design department is an important resource that will help to catapult our partners business.

The experience and dedication of our team allow us to provide standard equipment, or to provide customized solutions that fit the needs of our customers. This so that these do not need to worry. Our commitment is to high levels of quality, and this is the distinguishing feature.



Believe in the people, in their abilities as part of the company's project, giving them the autonomy for their personal and professional expression.


Motivate the team through trust. Seek to conform the objectives of the company to the team's strenghts.


Maintain a genuine and caring relationship of affection with all team members. Appeal to individual responsibility and repudiate intrigue and conflict between peers.



In May 1981 the company was founded in Perafita, Matosinhos.


Refoundation of the company under the name Mário & Dominguez, Lda.


Change of facilities to a leased warehouse, with 500m2 in Covelas, São Romão do Coronado.


Change of facilities for a owned pavilion with 600m2 in the Carriça Industrial Zone, Muro, Trofa.


Change of facilities for own warehouse of 1200m2 in Alfena, resulting in expansion of the team and introduction of new industrial management system.


Completion of the Industrial Licensing Process.


Grant of ISO 9001: 2008 Organization Management System Certification.


ISO 9001: 2015 Organization Management System Certification Update.

Groups and Partnerships

With a view to keeping a close eye on the most diverse opportunities in an ever-dynamic market, Maran has been associating itself with a wide range of renowned entities in the field of industry, commercial projection, internationalization and inter-company partnerships.



Assoc. dos Industriais Metalúrgicos, Metalomecânicos e Afins de Portugal (Portuguese Metallurgical, Metal-mechanic and Related Industries Association)


Associação Empresarial de Portugal (Portuguese Business Association)

Internacional Chambers

Luso-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Support Programs

Following the strong commitment to innovation and internationalization, Mário & Dominguez, Lda., As an SME is included in two support projects subsidized with community funds.

These support programs are part of the Portugal 2020 initiative, more specifically in the operational program Norte 2020:

Certification and Recognition

The manifestation of external recognition and the achievement of goals and standards that define the contemporary state of the industry in which we are inserted is for us a great pride

Certifications and Licenses

ISO 9001:2015

Certification in Quality Management Systems issued by SGS


Industrial Licensing

Issued by the Municipality of Valongo / MEI-DREN under the number 1373/2010


Titles of Merit

PME Líder

Issued by IAPMEI in order to distinguish the merits of national SMEs with superior performance.

2011 / 2012

Other Recognitions

Millennium BCP Aplauso

Trust of the banking institution

2005 / 2006 / 2008 / 2014 / 2015


The focus on the foreign market has been one of our main concerns in recent years, transporting Maran across borders.

The following list includes those for countries in which it was possible to export products manufactured directly or indirectly to our facilities via our main national representatives:

European Markets

  • Spain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Norway

African Markets

  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Angola

American Markets

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Bolivia
  • Costa Rica

For information on potential representatives and contractors who work with our products, please contact us.

Visual identity

In this page you can find all the graphic resources necessary for the correct representation of the Maran brand in the most varied contexts - from printing to the web

Identity Model

The identity manual, oriented to the new graphic identity of 2017, contains important information in the following areas:

  • Construction, application and variants of the logo and symbol
  • Color codes (RGB, CMYK and Pantone)
  • Typography
  • Safety margins and application examples

Download Visual Identity Manual (PT-PT) (PDF/1,3MB)

Logo for screen applications (RGB)

Logo Maran


1800x1660 5 colors RGB - Opaque Background (PNG/62Kb)

Vertical Inverted

1800x1660 5 colors RGB - Opaque Background (PNG/66Kb)


3400x1362 5 colors RGB - Opaque Background (PNG/90KB)

Logo Maran

Horizontal Inverted

3400x1362 5 colors RGB - Opaque Background (PNG/93KB)

Variants and Other Formats

Access to the Client Area

No sentido de motivar a aproximação da Maran aos seus clientes, a área privada permite uma acesso conveniente e sempre atualizado a informação técnica e comercial.

This feature (still under construction) will give our customers immediate access to the following types of downloadable materials:

  • Price Table
  • Product Promotional Sheets
  • High Resolution Images
  • Product Datasheets
  • Product use manuals
  • Tecnical drawings

The access is restricted to active clients with us and is sent in a personalized way by our services after direct contact.